Wish list for relationship table configuration file *.flrtb

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Christian Wagner
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Wish list for relationship table configuration file *.flrtb

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Relationship tables are a really great feature!
However, the following could make working smoother and faster. This is a nice-to-have list:
1) I want to drop a topic at the location in the link list where I want it to be, for example, directly in a concepts link family, which was created before, and at the required place in the list.
2) I want to change the order of topics in a cell with the keyboard and without having to use the mouse. For example, Shift+arrow key
3) I want a clean context menu. Clean up context menu entries for properties to be more comprehensible, or maybe context-sensitive. For example, displaying "Zeileneigenschaften" only when right-clicking into column "Zeilenname". Better: Double-click to edit this.
4) I want to see at first glance which properties an entry has got assigned. Simply Green-marked topics force me to open the context menu and open the pop-up windows so long until I have found the set property. For example, different colors for different "Sammlungstypen" and different locations (cell, line, column). Or maybe an added abbreviation to mark the location, like <topic_id> [C] in Red, where "C" stands for cell property and "Red" for a specific "Sammlungstyp".
5) I want to have an overview about how often one single topics occurs in different lines/columns. For example, a statistics chart, or a simple search option telling me: 5 found = in 5 cells + list of cells.
6) I want to navigate within a cell with the keyboard and without having to use the mouse.

That's it for now :-)
Christian Wagner
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